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Our range of industry-leading payment software and risk management services can help support you as your business grows, through every stage.  As a Canadian company born and bred, we’re proud to be the payment software solutions company that Canadian's and fintech's trust.


What are EFT Payments

EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer, and they are an electronic payment type that allows you to debit from or deposit payments straight into another bank account. EFT Payments let you send payments directly to your vendors and suppliers or collect payments directly from your clients and customers without sending anything through the mail. You can set up EFT payments for single-entry or recurring payments.

Biller Software Solutions

Biller Software Solutions from Apaylo enable your organization to accept payments in customers' preferred channels; provide payment reminders; provide customized, multilingual call flow scripts; and offer automated conversational interactive voice response system and customer service representative-assisted models.

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What are ACH Payments

ACH is comprised of a network of banks that batches transactions between its members. An ACH transfer is also known as a direct deposit, and it is most prominently used in automatic, recurring payments, such as wages, bills, and subscriptions. An ACH transfer might take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete, and it is generally less expensive and slower than a wire transfer. It is also a payment system that is exclusive to the US.



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