Reliability & Storage

Starting with where we are storing your information: we are making extensive use of Amazon Web Service. This allows Apaylo to provide high reliability, making sure that you can access your account at any time. This approach guarantees your data is handled and stored in Canada. It also comes with the knowledge that physical access to your data is protected by Amazon’s strong security practices. This allows us to react to any technical issues without delay, including increasing resources if the current demand to BankLink exceeds our current capacity. Amazon regularly achieves third-party validation for thousands of compliance requirements worldwide. Even financial institutions themselves are beginning to turn to Amazon to service their cloud requirements, due to their trusted security and compliance.

Browser Encryption & Privacy

When connecting to Apaylo’s services, know that we only provide a secure TLS 1.2 connection. This means you are unable to access using “http://”, you will just be redirected to “https://”. This means your data is encrypted as it flows from your browser to our servers. Over the past few years, many similar service providers have considered TLS 1.2 the minimum standard, which may require you to update your browser to ensure this standard can be met.
TLS describes the cryptographic protocols that are used when connecting securely to websites, that are ever evolving to continue to ensure your digital privacy. As such, we will continue to adapt the latest protocols as part of our regular maintenance windows, once we are able to determine there will be no loss of user functionality.

Security of Banking Information

When connecting your deposit account from your financial institution of choice, know that your data is maintained within the security boundaries of that financial institution and it is not being transferred or held in the Apaylo system.
By leveraging a regulated third-party service partner, Apaylo connects to your financial institution in an encrypted fashion, including handling any Two Factor Authentication you may have established with your financial institution. As a result, your banking information cannot be viewed from within Apaylo. Also, by leveraging this technology, we can provide strong assurances that users of Apaylo are legitimate users. For example, to initiate a transfer, a user must confirm their email address, as well as a phone number that is capable of receiving SMS.

Additional User Protection Features

Other security features that are integrated with Apaylo include automatically signing you out of your account after a brief amount of idle time. The passwords for every account must include 4 different types of characters: lowercase, uppercase, numeric, and a symbol. And even though “P@ssword1” is technically a valid password, we strongly recommend using a unique and complex password.

Account Closure & Blockage

If at any point you wish to remove your linked accounts, or even close your Apaylo account, know that there are very simple processes to initiate. When you close your Apaylo account, all access is immediately blocked, and that email address is unable to receive any funds.
In the event of an accidental closure, while access to the account is blocked, there is a brief amount of time until the closing process is finalized, wherein an account could possibly be recovered.
Last but not least, we are constantly researching new technologies, processes and best practices to ensure high levels of security are deployed in an expedient manner for everything we do in Apaylo.
Our mission is to ensure our clients are Getting Paid. Period. Safely, securely, and quickly. If you have any questions about our Privacy and Security features, please contact us at

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