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Frequently Asked Questions

In using Apaylo’s BankLink digital wallet function you will need to move funds from your financial institution to your digital wallet. This will allow you in the future to add funds or withdraw funds to your wallet or from your wallet, to your chosen financial institution.

While collection of a base amount of information will be required to activate the account, please be assured this information is not shared with outside providers and is considered proprietary to Apaylo. Apaylo does not, and will not, hold your banking information.

AWS data protection services provide encryption and key management and threat detection that continuously monitors and protects Apaylo's accounts and workloads. AWS Identity Services enables Apaylo to securely manage identities, resources, and permissions at scale. Built with the Highest Standards for Privacy and Data Security. AWS and Apaylo are vigilant about your privacy.

The end to end process takes under 10 minutes. Specifically, the step of connecting a bank account to the Apaylo platform may take anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes depending on your chosen financial institution. On your screen you will see an “in progress” message, and we can appreciate that waiting 3 minutes might feel like a long time. Rest assured, it is technically ensuring the appropriate and safe connections with your financial institution.

You can connect as many as three accounts.

A security feature of the account is that on initial account opening we have a three day “pause” before additional transactions can be conducted. This enables some additional security checks to be conducted in the background.

In the case that you are using multiple devices, please be advised that you may need to close both devices and verify your account through your preferred device. For example, if you prefer using your desktop computer, sign out of your account on all devices and then confirm with your desktop.

In the case that you need to change your email address or mobile number on your BankLink account, navigate to the top right gear icon to open up your settings panel. In your settings panel you can change your account settings, bank settings and notification settings.

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